Frequently Asked Questions

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What comes with my order?

The Chargique® 12-pack system comes with the following:

• 12 aluminum housings each with a lighted bezel and a USB port for cell phone charging
• one (1) low voltage power supply  
• mounting bracket for power supply
• mounting hardware
• 50’ of 18/2 low voltage wire
• wire clamps
• mounting template
• installation instructions

What are the electrical requirements?

All that is needed for every 12 hooks is one convenience outlet behind the bar that the Chargique® power pack plugs into.

What does installation entail?

The power supply is installed on the service side of the bar, underneath bar top, with clamps.  The wire is fed through a concealed 3/8” access hole to the location of each Chargique® hook.

What costs can I expect to incur?

The cost for the Chargique ® 6-pack is $625 and the cost for the 12-pack is $1,200.  Installation is extra – see our Installation and Usage Guide.  We can provide guidance to your installer.

Are there colors to match my decor?

Yes, in addition to our original Black, Chargique® is available in Bronze, Stainless Steel and White


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