Secure USB Charging Here

We at Chargique® understand there is heightened interest in phone charging and security, and there absolutely should be. While absolute security has been designed into the Chargique® system, we also find it important to share security information with our customers and partners when it comes available.

Data SecurityA recent article in Men’s Journal states;

“Unfortunately, your personal information is a lot more vulnerable while charging than you might think: Cyber attackers can steal your personal information from a compromised outlet or USB port without you even knowing it”, CNN reports.

“Just by plugging your phone into a [hacked] power strip or charger, your device is now infected, and that compromises all your data,” Drew Paik, who represents security firm Authentic8, told CNN.

The reason? The same cables that you use to charge your phone can also be used for sending data, like uploading photos to your PC. Hackers can take advantage of this feature in a common cyberattack known as “juice jacking.“

The team at Chargique® want you to know that we take security VERY seriously.

We find it important to remind you and your guests that the Chargique® Charging System has unsurpassed security. USB data lines are terminated to preclude any attack through our charging system. Furthermore, individual charging stations are connected only by power cables, preventing any data transfer between modules. There is simply no connection that could be abused by a bad actor.

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