A Simply Elegant Story

A valet for a bag. A charger for a phone. It’s what your customers want.

People carry purses, backpacks, briefcases and cell phones everywhere they go. When they stop for lunch, to make a note, meet a friend or have a drink, they always want two things - a secure place to hang their bag and a way to charge their phone.

Chargique® is a hook that hangs under a bar or counter, in a locker or anywhere a person needs to store their bag, backpack or purse. With a USB port for cell phone charging, and an elegant directional light that makes it easy to find, it’s an amenity your customers will use and appreciate.

A simple solution to a growing demand.

There is already a great demand for phone charging anywhere people gather. Some establishments charge their customers by installing large pay kiosks or lockers. Some hand out chargers that wander away. Still others collect cell phones and recharge them for patrons, risking loss and missed calls. Chargique® is the simple, elegant, non-intrusive solution that eliminates all that. It lets everyone keep their bag with them and easily charge their phone for free.

An elegant accent to any décor and easy to install in either new or existing construction.

Chargique® charging system offers a simple and refined design that suits any environment – from rustic to urbane, tavern to fine dining, from ski lodge to airport, salon and spa to library and classroom. The bag hook is extremely sturdy and has been weight tested to 25 pounds, far more than anyone ever carries. Plus, it’s easy to install, requiring only one outlet to power up to 12 hooks. Chargique® is sold in packs of 6 or 12, and gives any location a welcomed and upscale amenity for a very reasonable investment.


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